1. Dotfiles

2. Fonts

  • Menlo: Pretty monospaced font which is built-in on MacOS.
  • Input: Elegant and free monospaced font. I love the narrow version, i.e., Input Mono Narrow!
  • Pragmata Pro™: Slim monospaced font with a rich character set and perfect for terminal. More narrow!

3. Softwares

3.1. Desktop

3.1.1. Cross-platform

  • Emacs: A highly extensible text editor.
  • Vim: The best text editor in terminal.
  • zsh: A full-featured Unix shell.
  • tmux: A great terminal multiplexer.
  • ripgrep: rg > ag > ack > grep
  • mutt: A full-featured CLI mail client.
  • htop: Beautiful modern top command.
  • ncdu: A disk usage analyzer with an ncurses interface.
  • pandoc: Very useful for file format conversion.
  • youtube-dl: Very powerful video downloader with support for a variety of video sites.

3.1.2. macOS

  • Homebrew
  • Alfred
  • Dropbox
  • Karabiner-Elements
  • Hammperspoon
  • AppCleaner
  • OmniGraffle
  • IINA Movist
  • Dash
  • 2Do
  • Clearview
  • OpenEmu

3.1.3. ArchLinux

  • pikaur: pacman wrapper and aur helper
  • xorg: x server
  • dhcpcd: dhcp
  • openssh: remote login by ssh
  • rsync: a file transfer program
  • i3-wm, i3status, i3lock: tilling window manager
  • rxvt-unicode: terminal emulator
  • xcape: keys modifier
  • fcitx: input method engine
  • zathura, zathura-pdf-poppler: document reader
  • feh: image viewer
  • scrot: screenshot tool
  • mpv: video player
  • cmus: ncurses-based music player
  • ntp: ntp reference implementation
  • dunst: notification daemon
  • ydcv: youdao console version

3.1.4. Windows

  • potplayer: A full-featured video player.
  • 7-zip: A free file archiver.
  • Notepad++: A free text editor which has a minimal portable version.
  • Rime: Free and open source Chinese input method.
  • Sumatra PDF: A free PDF and eBook reader.

3.2. Mobile

3.2.1. Android

  • Instapaper

3.2.2. iOS

  • Instapaper: A great read it later service.
  • Reeder: with
  • Dropbox: A well-known and reliable online storage service.
  • surge: A must-have app for smart proxy. Also, it can be used for blocking ads.
  • Google Photos: It features in unlimited storage.
  • Money by Jumsoft: A fully functional financial app.
  • 1Password: A famous password management app. I only buy its iOS app and feels enough. Besides, I only store top secrets in 1Password and use Keychain Access for daily use.
  • nPlayer: The best media player for iOS. (Now on Android too)
  • Tweetbot: An elegant Twitter client.
  • Noisio: A clean white noise app.
  • Aurora Dictionary: A minimal but functional dictionary.
  • Podcast by Apple: Functional enough.

4. Programming Packages

4.1. Python

  • Computational science
    • numpy: Array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects.
    • pandas: Powerful data structures for data analysis.
    • matplotlib: Python plotting package.
    • scipy: Scientific Library for Python.
    • scikit-learn: Machine learning toolkit.
  • Editor Support
    • python-language-server: Support for Language Server Protocol (LSP).
    • pyflakes: Error checker.
    • autopep8: Warning checker and fixer.
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